iPhone 4G Release Date HD And Firmware 4.0 Info

April 13, 2010

The iPhone 4.0 firmware will finally allow multitasking, much to the relief of many iPhone users.The “rate-on-delete’ feature for  apps will also be removed. within OS 4.0.

Apple are yet to make an official announcment regarding the next generation iPhone, which some are already dubbing the iPhone HD. This will be the successor to the 3GS and is expected to be released some time this summer.

Here is a low down of some features we are expecting in the iPhone 4G:

  • A faster A4 processor – 1Ghz processers, an improvement on the 600 Mhz 3GS.

  • 960 x 640 Display – More Pixels for your money, and a significant improvement on the current screen, which lags behind many of the iPhone’s competitors.

  • HD Video Display – we are as yet unsure what this will entail, yet I for one have high expectations!

What are you expecting from the iPone 4G?

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One Response to iPhone 4G Release Date HD And Firmware 4.0 Info

  1. Chunilal on April 13, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    Rumours has it iPhone HD will be released June 22nd, 2010 according to my friend Harshard from Apple Leiester store… Keep an eye out

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