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Has the Verizon Nexus One been dropped for Microsoft’s Kin phones?‎

Yesterday Verizon made an announcement regarding a new phone, and if rumours were to have been believed, this phone was the Google Nexus One. The delayed launch of the Verizon Nexus One has been a cause of sever anxiety for many on the Verizon network.

However one more Nexus One fans were let down by Verizon. Instead of announcement regarding the Nexus One, Verizon decided to release information on the Microsoft Kin Phones. This leads us to think Verzon may have dumped Google in favour of the new Microsoft Phones.

Microsoft will be releasing the Kin One and Kin two with Verizon in early May. Meanwhile we still have no further information on the Nexus One.

This keads us to as ourselves the question -”will Verizon ever launch the Nexus One?”

What is your opinion on this matter?


  1. Todd says:

    Verizon would not just dump the Nexus One. Since we have seen official announcements on the Google phone site, I am confident Verizon will be launching several phones at once to lure in all sorts of consumers.

    I think the Kin phones will target the seniors in high school and college freshman. Furthermore, Kin Studio is a must in the later Windows 7 Phone if Microsoft plans on gaining back mobile phone users.

  2. ComeNow says:

    I think we have to ask that question. There is clearly some reason they’re not telling us. I’ve heard that it’s in litigation with Apple. So why then can T-Mobile still be selling it and google selling the unlocked version? Problems with getting it to work on the CDMA network? Who knows. Regardless, there should be an announcement one way or the other. They’re only frustrating (and perhaps losing) those who are most interested. I know I’m getting tired of it.

  3. know all says:

    There will be no Nexus One or any phone branded by Google for Verizon period. Google will continue to produce phones that will be purchased through there online store, with the release of the US Government free access nation wide wi fi Google phones will in association with Google Voice will provide free Internet calling to all phones Google will sell Internet phones with Google Voice numbers. Cellular companys will no longer exist.

  4. Brian says:

    I can tell you this. My cell phone contract has been up with verizon for the last 2 months and I am considering renewing it. However, I want a real cell phone that can do what the Nexus One can do. If Verizon dumps Google I will have to dump Verizon. I pay way too much with Verizon to have a poor choice selection with their phones. Verizon has to realize that we are savvy consumers and simply putting out phones that look neat but are not the real deal won’t cut it. If Verizon cares about giving the best service possible then they would put the best phones on their network. And lets face it, Google is a forward looking company. They are on the edge of technology more so than most fortune 50 companies. What is Verizon telling us by dumping the Nexus One? What it means to me is that Verizon is not on the cutting edge of technology, where I want to be.

  5. Zack says:

    This was absolutely no surprised. First, the email promised something unique and exclusive to Verizon, neither of which fit any Android phone. Second, the logo at the bottom looks very turtle-like which was the nickname of the Kin 2. I took one glance at the email and called this and was 100% right.

  6. Rob says:

    I am seriously considering dumping Verizon and going over to At&T then i can consider getting the iPhone or Nexus One. Most likely the Nexus One thought. Verizon sucks and I think people should switch from verizon to t-Mobil or AT&T to show Verizon that we choose to be with them not have to be. VERIZON SUCKS!!!!!

  7. Jamie says:

    I am an AT&T customer (yes iPhone), my contract has expired, and I am very interested in the Nexus One, but only if it is on a big reliable network like Verizon because I travel a lot. I know the Nexus one is available on AT&T, but I get too many dropped calls so I want to leave, when is this damn phone coming out?

  8. enoughalready says:

    it is probably because Verizon wants to “dummy down” the Nexus one, and google does not want to. i swear, Verizon has the worst phones.. but the best service. i have been up for renewal now since September and now im thinking about just waiting for the iphone 4g and making the switch to AT&T. i mean, how bad could it be?????

  9. Brian says:

    I think Google should lauch their own wireless network. I would be there in a heart beat!!!

  10. Ty says:

    Based on past experiences with Windows operating systems, and using Google products e.g. Voice and Goggles. I am going to avoid Microsoft products in any situation I can. Google seems to get their products to work flawlessly before the “beta” tag is removed. Microsoft has released products that are questionable from their release, e.g. Vista.

  11. Bast says:

    Verizon has not concern with what the tech savvy customers want. Most of us want open source Google android on a good phone from HTC. My wife just got an Eris two months ago and they are dropping that phone, and now another POS microsoft phone.


    I look for a lot of the true techs to start dropping off Verizon soon and going with another carrier where you have the freedom of good phones and service.

    Verizon Good network bad phones and wont get good ones that people want so your stuck with a bad selection.

    AT&T Good Phones good selection bad network with dropped calls and slow response.

    Sprint, well their network is a joke if your out of a metropolis.

    T-Mobile — who???

    Basically we are slaves to the big machine, the only one who is posed to save us is Google.

    If they came out with a wireless network tomorrow, I’m there I would pay the money to get away from Verizon to a company that has vision and seems to care about its customers.

  12. Chris says:

    Guys, chill out!! Verizon cannot release the Nexus Ones because of the lawsuit against HTC. Basically it’s out of Verizon’s hands at the moment. There are literally pallets of Nexus Ones stateside that cannot be released until some sort of agreement has been reached in the HTC/Apple case. My guess is soon, Apple may have tried to delay the shipment long enough to announce their IPhone 4 OS, they may try to delay long enough to get the IPhone on Verizon first. Right now there is a huge market of Verizon users ready for the next generation of smart phones, it seems that Apple is trying every underhanded trick to grab some of that user base. Boycott Apple!!!

  13. Bonze says:

    That’s it then. I am not going to wait anymore. My Verizon contract is up and now I can move to T-Mobile and get my Nexus One.

  14. tommy says:

    Yeah i have been along time Verizon fan..
    Their network has never let me down.
    But all the major networks have this 5 month old Nexus One phone already? One day their will be another network that has as good as coverage and i will remember..

  15. Brett says:

    I am getting sick of waiting for the Incredible and Nexus One to come out on Verizon. I was about to switch to AT&T for the iphone but then read about these two phones. I like Verizon’s network too much to just drop it, but i am getting sick of waiting around for them to make an announcement. Hurry up and release something, at least a date or i am taking my business to AT&T!

  16. Matt says:

    If they drop the Nexus One:

    1- They are the dumbest company, I swear. Do they get that once AT&T, or even another network, catches up with their quality of service there will be a mass exodus to service providers who launch new, elite phones right away. The Nexus One can still compete but by now it is already growing old and is still notttt hereeee. Building out the best network in America is the hard part you would think, not giving customers the phones they want.

    2- I will probably leave Verizon although I might wuss out since my roommate does drop a hell of a lot of calls with AT&T.

  17. dabubbakin says:

    Verizon won’t let the N1 beat the Incredible. If Verizon can’t sell the N1 because of the lawsuit then why can Google still sell them to other service customers? Why does Verizon have Bing and not Google as a default search engine on current phones? Hmmmm interesting… I want the N1 but I’m guessing Verizon will announce the N1 in nothing more than a whisper and it’s going to be full price on Google’s site.

  18. Michael says:

    My contract was up a month ago, if verizon choose not to do something soon I will go with Sprint.

  19. Delilah says:

    The reason VZW has not released the N1 is simple, they are not selling this phone in Verizon stores, so therefore since they can sell the Incredible in store first bf they release the N1 through google, they make more profit. The N1 will be available on VZW but they are just waiting to see how well the incredible does since they are able to sell instore. Be patient, its worth the wait. AT&T will never live up to VZW service. Enjoy your dropped calls!

  20. Matt says:

    It is just dumb on someone’s part, either Verizon or their phone suppliers (Not savy enough in the Telecom world to know which or maybe both).

    I have been eligible for an upgrade for over 9 months. Waited for the BlackBerry Storm 2 to drop, it sucked, didn’t buy it. Resigned myself to the fact that I wasn’t going to settle for one of the cookie cutter crap LG or other pseudo smart phones. Heard about the Nexus One around January, got excited, been excited, now pissed off. Its still not here, and now they are talking about Verizon IPhone.

    If I finally get the Nexus One and the IPhone drops within a couple months, will be super pissed. Just give some indication to the customer, please!!

    And finally realize I want a cutting edge phone with a classy design…i.e. IPhone or Nexus One. Even the new incredible doesn’t excite me, I mean it may do everything the Nexus one can but with a smaller screen and a cheesy look to it.

    Plus the money they are loosing out on since I would have upgraded over 9 months ago and well on my way to another upgrade if they ever had anything decent to choose from.

  21. jbg2can says:

    Did anyone go ahead and get the Incredible? It looked prettygood to me. Don’t forget folks. YOU COULD BE LIKE ME WITH 20 months left with a dead end windows mobile 6.5 device!

  22. maddian says:

    All of these responses are so ridiculous…every company represented is driven by two things- 1)Customers (i.e. profit) and
    2) Shareholders (i.e. investors). I absolutely guarantee that Verizon, AT&T, Apple, HTC, Google and the whole lot…want nothing more than to increase market share and drive up their share price! How do they do it…lots of ways: New technology, customer service, cutting edge products, expanding networks, etc. What slows the process is all of the “behind the scenes” jockeying and litigation between these companies. They all are CONSTANTLY working deals with one another…sometimes one deal in conflict with another. This happens all the time…they have to move quick or get left in the dust. It’s funny to me the number of people who complain about the mobile technology available to them at any given point when that technology comes with a massive subsidy. If you want to live and remain on the burning edge of tech don’t sign a contract with ANY provider and always buy full priced (unsubsidized) phones! I am confident in time (sooner than later)Verizon will have full cadre of cutting edge smarties in their lineup. Until then you “tech-tweakers” out there might just have to revert back to real drugs for your daily “Fix”.

  23. Matt says:

    @ maddian –

    First off, thank you for explaining such heady concepts to us all, brilliant.

    Secondly, Verizon has had 3+ years to work with suppliers to get a real IPhone competitor onto their network. No phone has come close besides the Nexus One and now that has been axed as well.

    You yourself state that a primary driver of market share growth and share price appreciation is “cutting edge products” and that “they have to move quick or get left in the dust”.

    This is exactly what Verizon is not doing. They are relying on their superior network to maintain their customer base while refusing to pay the larger subsidies on the latest, cutting edge phones, that customers want. I don’t see the market nimbleness and progress there, maybe you do.


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