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Sprint Challenges iPad and Verizon With Samsung Tab

Sprint Nextel Corporation has shown their power within the pc tablet market. They have managed to undercut and challenge their rivals in the market by selling the Samsung Galaxy Tablet for  $200 less than it costs on the Verizon Wireless Network. It will also be a staggering $230 cheaper than the iPad. The release date for the Sprint will offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab on November 14th for  $ 399.99. Sprint will offer a two-year wireless data contract.

Sprint is the third largest wireless carrier in the United States and is always in competition to gain an edge over rivals Verizon and AT&T Inc.  The Samsung Galaxy Tab is seen as the closest rival to the Apple iPad, which had huge amounts of sales in 2010.  Sprint will be offering the tablet, with data plans of $29.99 per month for 2 gigabytes of data or $59.99 for 5 gigabytes.

The features of the Samsung Galaxy Tablet stand head to head with the iPad. The tablet is just as stylish as the Apple iPad. The tab has a SIM card and a micro SD card slot. The key feature that makes the Samsung Galaxy tab is the ability to use Adobe’s Flash player. This means all online videos and games can be viewed and accessed. Rival company AT&T will also be selling the Samsung Galaxy Tablet, however no pricing details have been announced yet.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a great device, with an even greater price tag.

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