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Taylor Swift New Album: Speak Now

US sensation Taylor Swift has her new album coming out today and we are told by our sources that this is hotly anticipated by teens across the nation. Taylor Swift is not your average popstar. Her songs are like pages of her diary with every song written by her and not by someone else.  At almost 21 she has matured into a woman and her songs have become mature in correlation with her age. Her songs are about love, friendship, relationships, happiness and also sadness. Her new album is her coming of age story and teens and adults will both enjoy the emotion and lyrics within her songs.

The difference between Taylor Swift and other popstars is that her songs are very personal. You can relate to the feelings expressed in the songs and it is as if she opening to you forcing a connection between the singer and the listener.  Some of her songs are focused on a few ex-boyfriends, most notably John Mayer and Joe Jonas and it is clear to see that in her new album ‘Speak Now’ she has poured her heart and soul into her music.

There are 14 songs in the album “Speak Now” and the songs include “Mine”, “Sparks Fly”, “Back to December”, “Speak Now”, “Dear John”, “Mean”, “The Story of Us”, “Never Grow Up”, “Enchanted”, “Better Than Revenge”, “Innocent”, “Haunted”, “Last Kiss”, “Long Live”.

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  1. Dylan Defrancis says:

    there is no other music artist like taylor swift, she is definitely a goddess. i love ya taylor swift “.`


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