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RIM Release Date for Blackberry Storm 3

According to close sources, the bosses at RIM are going to be releasing the new blackberry storm 3 handset in late November and early December, just before Christmas.

Blackberry’s leading competitor is the Apple iphone 4, which managed to sell over 14 million units last year compared to 12 million of Blackberry. With the release of the Blackberry Storm 3 in early December, RIM will be trying to target customers who are waiting for the Apple white iphone 4 , which Apple  has yet to announce a release date .

The Blackberry Storm 3 will be exclusive to the Verizon Network., RIM believe it’s the right time to launch the new Blackberry Storm 3 due to the all the attention currently on the Blackberry playbook. Although the features of the Blackberry Storm 3 are yet to be known, many believe the touch screen will be similar to that of the Blackberry Torch 9800.


  1. Tony says:

    I can only hope!!! First news it was cancelled, now rumors that it’s back on? I REALLY hope the BB comes back with the Storm 3!!! I’ll ditch my HTC Incredible immediately.

  2. Teddy says:

    Yo, I’ve been looking forward to this phone for awhile I am currently still rockin my first and onlt storm 1 so hopefully these aren’t rumors since I just got over the news of the S3 was cancelled this news suprised the funk out of me.RIM don’t screw this up!!!

  3. hobi says:

    I am a great fan of blackberry, and i hope it is available on vodafone as well. Do it soon, and i will reject my iphone 4


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