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Samsung Galaxy Tablet Review

The Samsung Galaxy Tablet has been on sale for a number of weeks so how do we think it has been getting on. The Samsung Galaxy is in a crowded market which will become even more congested due to the release of the Apple iPad 2 and Blackberry Playbook early next year.

The Galaxy tablet is on the Android platform which is increasing its number of applications rapidly. Its features include a dual-camera function with a front facing 1.3 Mega Pixels and a Rear facing 3 MP one with flash. The Galaxy is the smallest of the computer tablets which means that it is the most portable.

The multi-media system is sufficient. For audio, it features dual stereo speakers and a headphone jack to listen to music. It has volume control on the side of the device as well.

For internet connectivity you can get online via WI-FI and if you are lock yourself into a provider, you can get 3G with most companies. It also supports Bluetooth and GPS. The Galaxy tablet is also integrated with Flash unlike the iPad.

The pricing of the Galaxy is much higher than the iPad and the unreleased Blackberry Playbook. Is it value for money? Or will price be its Achilles heel? Let us know what you think.



  1. Scott f says:

    Can’t fault it and find it easy to use and packed with nice features. I’m new to android devices but I’ve read about the upcomming o.s improvements with gingerbread and honeycomb so something to look forward to. The big bonus is that tesco sell it and if you double up your clubcard vouchers you can get it for a snip! I got mines for £22! The ipads niche just like apple products in general so I don’t compare it to them although I like the ipad aswell.

    An all round good gadget IMO and I think the prices will drop to push it on.

  2. Taede says:

    I went in to Bestbuy New York to sample the device. very very nice. I thought for a moment and then I saw the price. I use blackberry so if I wait for their device, I may be able to use my existing service. But we will see. For me to buy the device and then get a service plan make this one too pricey for me. Did you see the price tag on this thing. very cool device. even if they cut the price in half they would make money. I don’t get it. Someone will come out with a device that is affordable. Do they even consider all the other devices we purchase that wold discouraging us from purchasing this one. Again cool device too pricey!!!


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