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Nokia N8 vs Apple iphone 4

Mobile phone giants Nokia have released their newest mobile phone the N8. The new Nokia phone is creating a buzz within the mobile phone market and some believe it will be a rival to the Apple iphone 4.

The new style and shape of the N8 is much more streamlined and less bulky compared to its predecessors. It features a touchscreen display and high definition colour screen.  It is much lighter to hold, weighing only 135 grams and measures only 12.9mm thick. However, compared to the Apple iphone 4 it is thicker. One great feature of the new N8 is that it comes in a range of colours from white, blue, green, orange and grey, where as the iphone 4 is one set colour. The iphone 4 is also slightly heavier as well.

Another feature to consider when comparing the N8 and iPhone 4 is the camera that is built in the phone. The Nokia N8’s camera takes photos with an unheard of resolution of 12 megapixels for a camera phone. This is much more than the iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel photos. Not to mention the N8’s camera also boasts a wide angle Carl Zeiss lens.  The touch screen displays on both phones are similar at 3.5 inches but the N8 also has a high resolution, with clearer pictures and videos. Only time will tell if the new Nokia N8 will match the Apple iphone 4.


  1. ASHUTOSH says:

    nokia n8 will kick apple iphone 4′s ass quiet soon i used both nokia n8 is far better than in everything . aplle iphone4 sucks

  2. hunain says:

    nokia n8 is the best iphone sucks


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