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Acer reveals dual-screen laptop

Acers have revealed a new dual screen laptop. The new laptop will feature two 14-inch displays, with one replacing the traditional place of a traditional keyboard. Acer’s Iconia laptop was revealed in New York and will feature two touch screens protected by ultra tough Gorilla Glass. The laptop will still be like the traditional laptop but instead the second screen can be used as a virtual keyboard. The second screen can also been used as a tablet computer as well.

With the option of two screens, users are able to watch movies on one screen and surf the web or write an email on the other. The device also has palm sensors to detect the position of the users hands. Users will also be able to access the keyboard with one quick launch. The laptop will run Microsoft Windows 7 and Acer state that this new type of laptop will bring a “ brand new tablet experience”.

The Acer Iconia will go on sale in the UK on January 8th around £ 1,499. The device will also use Intel Core i5 processors and a minimum 4gb memory and a hard drive which goes up to 750gb. Acer will hope this laptop will challenge Apples dominance within the PC tablet markets with their iPad and Macbook.

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