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Verizon iPhone to be released in early 2011

After all the talk of a Verizon iPhone and white iPhones neither have hit the shelves for Christmas. The partnership between Apple and Verizon, which is clear but still not official due to there not being any announcements or even a conference to confirm or deny the rumours. Customers however will be left rather annoyed if shortly after Christmas an announcement is made confirming that the Verizon iPhone is to be released in the next few months. The iPhone 4 has had unprecedented sales and has been more popular then the iPhone 3 and 3G. So if for Christmas you were to buy an iPhone 4 on AT&T and then it’s released on America’s biggest network, you would be somewhat annoyed. The timing by Apple and Verizon has been poor. If the release date is the first quarter of 2011 there will some very unhappy customers.

A relationship between Apple and Verizon Wireless is being kept under wraps. They are currently in agreement over the iPad, as Verizon’s network is available on Apple’s iPads.

Verizon have invested in a new 4G network which will keep customers happy, especially as many iPhone users have complained about AT&T’s network problems which include signal issues and dropped calls.

Android devices on Verizon have secured 27% of the phone market in the second quarter. By introducing the iPhone on Verizon this may dampen Android share of the market as iPhone increases theirs.

Would you buy an iPhone on Verizon?



  1. JackFrost says:

    Apple iPhone originally talked to Verizon but they didn’t come to an agreement so Apple iPhone was offered to AT&T. Seems like Verizon wanted to take over the iPhone which is just plain greed. Now Verizon is itching to get the iPhone after seeing the revolution.

    They laid off all the Americans and hired foreigners for cheap labor. They even established Verizon in India so they can get 5$ a piece (1 American = 5 Indians/Argentinians). If the general public only knew.

    What I don’t understand is why the government let these companies do these things. Verizon is an American company selling and providing telecoms services to Americans but Americans are jobless! I’m glad I don’t work with Verizon otherwise I’d be worried every time a lay off is or is not announced.

    Would I switch? I can most definitely pay for the services but the real question is, would I support their greed?

    • Riu says:

      Greed is what allows all these people to have jobs in the first place. It’s not the goal of a publicly traded company to serve as a job provider first. Ultimately, companies are created to put money in someone’s pocket, and in the case of a publicly traded company, the pocket belongs to stock holders. If you really don’t believe in what Verizon is doing, you need to boycott them.

      Incidentally, without outsourcing, the U.S. would have gone through years of 10%+/year inflation. Someone has to pay off all those unions who only care about seniority instead of merit.

      • Ronny Pudding says:

        Greed fan, what’s scary about your comment is that you are for it. How long do you think such an imbalance can continue before “have nots”, “human garbage” or “Harijans”, as I suspect you call them, get fed up with people like you? Maybe someone should hang you in the square for all to see. It’s been done many times in the past. Greedy bastard!

    • Walcott says:

      and out of every company in the U.S., ONLY Verizon is guilty of doing this?

      I’m so sure……..

      If you boycotted every company for making moves like this, you would have to go out of your way for almost everything.

    • john says:

      ohhh….because all of at&t workers are based in the US and don’t use any cheap labor. and for the record, if all of these companies produced all parts in the US and used only US labor, their prices would easily double or triple. would you be talking about buying US products then, or would you be complaining about prices and wishing for what we have now?

    • Jessica says:

      Hey Riu you should watch this movie called The Corporation. I think you would “enjoy” watching it.

  2. Karlie says:

    hell yea!

  3. Me says:

    I’m so in

  4. Lorne Raney says:

    Yes I would buy the iphone. Duh!

  5. Eric Hoover says:

    Yes i’m in I would buy the iphone from Verizon….

  6. Rick Dumiak says:

    In a heartbeat. I had a iPhone but got rid of it because AT&T service is horrible in northern New Mexico. I am with Verizon now and would love to get another iPhone if Verizon is the carrier.

  7. Mark Frampton says:

    Right Now, I love the iPhone but I’m done with the coverage of AT&T. Let’s get it done.

  8. salman khan says:

    it’s joke no iphone for verizon

  9. Linda Nash says:

    I am patiently waiting for a Verizon IPhone! Can’t wait.

  10. mcquig says:

    Impatiently waiting for 5 years for my Verizon iPhone. Puhlease release it at MAC world and don’t worry about all the christmas phones on 4G from AT&T, they will still drop their calls!

  11. Kenneth Kelsey says:

    Ya! I would buy the Iphone if it was available on Verizon.

  12. sam says:

    Well this is my take on it all ,they wil just bring it out in a new shell called iphone 4s then come the last day in may they wil release the iphone 5. As. Iphone v, I shall Let u all join the dots there’s 3 btw

  13. Dood says:

    The iPhone 4 has had unprecedented sales and has been more popular then the iPhone 3 and 3G

  14. usheep says:

    iphone is over hyped and overated!

  15. sam says:

    im so sick of people hoping for this dumb phone to go with verizon. its not that special, and verizon has a way better selection with their awesome android phones. its not going to happen. get over it.

  16. Denise says:

    I would love to have an iphone. The apps for apple are very cool, I have an android phone now and its ok but iphone is truely the most desired phone in America. I would never go to ATandT again. I had issues with dropped calls when I had their service so I called about it. The rep told me that it was normal and in an emergency I would just have to “deal” with it. WOW! I canceled my contract right then, paid a large penalty and went to Verizon. Never have had any desire to go back to ATandT. I’m very happy Verizon is getting the iphone. I’ve heard it will be released Valentines Day. Let’s hope!

  17. Jeffrey says:

    Not sure about u folks but while Verizon has been so busy on this new 4G Network anyone noticing a few more dropped calls along the way?

    Been in a Verizon store lately? Hope to God there is someone there who uses the exact same phone you have in your hand. They no longer have Technical Service. The Sales Force is now the Technical Service Force as well…that do more with less theory.

    Starting to get the picture? It’s the AT&T Model.

    I waited forever in the store when I got an iPhone with ATT but glory be their Sales Associates/Tech Support were good. Then same story, service sucked, dropped them like a rock.

    There is NO good time.

    ATT Customers will not be happy if Verizon customers get it now.

    If ATT releases a new model but then only the 4G is available to Verizon customer- wrong again.

    The absolute worst thing Verizon and Apple have done – and this is where I have lost confidence in them as a provider – is played us! They have remained silent vs. simply being honest and given us reasonable estimates. That does not promote customer loyalty.

    They should be veeeeery careful…if ATT ever gets their act together with services (not sure I hold my breath but u never know) there could be a big shift of the tide.

    • A says:

      I was actually at Verizon the other day and they had technical support present who were able to assist me with my phone.

      And what it comes down to is that Verizon has better service right now including no dropped calls; therefore, there won’t be a “shift of the tide”. And who cares if AT&T customers are upset…it’s a business oriented market and that is what Verizon is doing.

      Why do they have to tell the public everything right away? JUST BE PATIENT!

    • Andy says:

      Who care if the Verizon stores don’t have technical service–and yes they do because the Verizon store in my area by Target Shopping Center has one–if your Iphone is having technical difficulties what moron would bring it to AT&T or Verizon? The Iphone was purchased and made from Apple. Go to an Apple Store. Only a retard would bring their technical concern about their Iphone to the Celluar store.

  18. mcgyver says:

    Not Apples products: Download from apples store or transver using IThunes (which means that you must have degree of science in order to use that fucking software) and biggest issue no flash support! So everything else but no Apples gadges, over priced copy…

  19. Jere Simpson says:

    Will it be announced at CES

  20. tremayne frost says:

    Can’t wait until the iphone drop im tired of droid its a piece of shit

  21. tremayne frost says:

    Can’t wait until the iphone drop im tired of droid its a piece of crap

  22. opinionated person says:

    You do all realize that Apple itself is NOT a U.S. company. Apple is based in China! Pay attention the next time you order an Ipod they are shipped from Shanghai. At&T and VZW yes both us companies and yes some of their stuff is over seas but not all of it. If you wanted to demand everything be on US Soil well then you might as well kiss companies like Chrysler goodbye since all their money is currently being funded through Italy. Well there goes a few million jobs. Good job people – you’re all so blasted smart you should run for office and just screw this country up some more.

    • Matt says:

      Apple is based in Cali., not China. Some of the products are shipped from China, it doesn’t mean Apple is based there.

  23. jon d says:

    Iphone IS OVERRATED ! it sucks compared to Android. The android platform is waaay better. It has freedom (no lock downs on your own media – that you own) , huge application market, snappy hardware and cooler style/customizable…..

    I’m sorry but the IPHONE is the OLD man of the smart phone world. Yeah maybe three – four years ago the iphone was king.. However, my galaxy S phone BEATS the snot out of it in functionality. AND ITS only getting better….


    Bring it on apple!.. your old style.. your going out like bell bottoms! :D hahaha

    Besides, serious note,.. I honestly find it interesting, but don’t really care. You pick up an android phone and you just know its better. People KNOW this…… Now if verizon did this a few years back it would be a differnt story. They had their chance to score the iphone when it was hot. That’s OVER and anyone buying an iphone would have to be stupid not to look at the android platform first and go with it. I mean, I’m learning to code and develop. There’s NO WAY in heck i’m going to be locked down with the apple development suite. Its really dumb. I LOVE android and WON”T develop for apple phones…. PLUS Google is already taking over the world… They’re the big dog on the block…. They’re making android ROCK and will continue!!……

  24. jon d says:

    @tremayne frost : droid is the BEST sorry there… .. you just bought a crappy phone (LG series or somthing).. … Droid doesn’t make cheap phones better.. BuY a motorola droid, galaxy S or HTC and quite your whining…. B-)

  25. happywithandroid says:

    it would take an awful lot of convincing to get me to purchase an i phone. i love my android way too much. sorry apple.

  26. Ani V. says:

    Been reading a lot of these comment and I agree. With people for and against the iPhone. I used to be with verizon and used to have maybe 1 dropped call a year. I switched to att when the 3G came out and I had 6 out of 10 calls dropped. The got the 3GS and it was 8 out of 10 dropped calls. Now I have the 4 and it’s literally 9 out of 10 dropped calls! I will only male a switch if verizon has the unlimited data usage and maybe I’ll wait till the iPhone 5 comes out because it with only be better. I have thought about moving over to android cause of how open it is. But the iPhone is more organized and the way it does everything to me is better but we all have our priorities. I only wish for the iPhone to be permanently jailbroken. Not really but to work in that way. If there was only something that would be as organized and simple like the iPhone but to be able to be open source like android. Then that would be ultimate! Everybodys got there preferences between apple and android like pepsi and coke or bk and mcdonalds googol and yahoo or bing, or blockbuster and Netflix. There is varieties because we all have preference.

  27. J says:

    If I could afford it, I would give the iPhone a try! Especially if they have a version with more than 16GB

  28. Matt says:

    I can’t wait for the verizon iPhone. My android phone sucks.


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