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New Apple iPad 2 to challenge Blackberry PlayBook with same release date

Sources originating from China’s Economic Daily News have stated that the new iPad will be released in April/ May of 2011, around the same time as the Blackberry PlayBook.

This same source also reveals some exciting news features that will be present in the iPad 2. It will have two new cameras, one will  at the front and the other on the back, which will enable iPad users to use FaceTime. Another exciting new feature include the implementation of a retina display screen and a 3 – axis gyroscope.. Meanwhile it is also suggested that Apple will attach a USB port to the iPad 2, this will allow users to connect Storage devices and upload movies, documents and photos. The arrival of a USB port will resolve the negative issues that surrounded the current generation iPad, with many fans believing the iPad failed to fulfil its full potential without a USB port.

This iPad 2 will compete with rival companies such as Samsung and RIM, who have both released their own Tablet PC’s; the Blackberry PlayBook and Samsung Galaxy Tablet.  However in 2011 will fans truly the next generation Apple  iPad will appear, and this will blow the competition out the water. It must be stated that none of the above has yet to be confirmed from Apple, however this same paper reported rumours that turned out to be true with regard to the original iPad. This suggests they have a legitimate source within the manufacturing plant in China.


  1. phill says:

    the ipad already has a usb port, its what i use to charge it and its what i use to upload song/movies/apps.

    why would they add something it already has?

  2. Tim pass says:

    It doesn’t even support my FN I phone 3 g what the he’ll is that not being able to upload pics from my i phone to the I pad total BS

  3. Tom says:

    It has a 30-pin port, you need to buy Apple’s camera connection kit to actually get the USB port, and even then it’s not compatible with things like USB sticks.

  4. Tim says:

    Phil, it doesn’t have a direct USB port, it just has a apple input which on one end has a USB to plug into the plug..

  5. TheBaldEagle says:

    …still needs the cam and phone capabilities.

  6. playbook says:

    blackberry is all about the corporate market!

    the ipad doesn’t stand a chance against the qnx runned playbook. corporations will gobble them up by the hundreds and thousands!

    when qnx comes to blackberry smartphones it’s a whole new ball game. rim has a better chance of taking consumer market away from apple and android than apple has of taking about rim’s corporate stronghold!

  7. Theo says:

    Who uses USB sticks today? Hail the cloud…
    Plus if you bother carrying your iPad around, what’s the point carrying a USB stick as well?

    USB input would just be an extra, pointless feature, not something essential.

  8. Javan says:

    Poor Phill.

  9. Dennis says:

    Can’t wait for the Blackberry Playbook, with intragration with my Torch. Anyone want to buy an IPad for $1.00

    Plus with Adobe in the system makes the IPad so out of date. Not to mention the dual-core processor with multi-tasking at it’s best.

    By the way apple has too many flaws and glitches and security breaches. Apple has become on of the worst devices around and not dependable. Blackberry for life now!!!!

  10. JP says:

    Apple. Right side of the brain. Innovation, creative, first to market with their game changer products. Intuitive, friendly interface. Great fun for leisure and home use.

    The Others. Left Side of brain. Imitation competitor products following Apple into new markets, with tweaked features, processing power, few more bells and whistles squeezed in. Nothing much to look at but impressive under the hood, great for business.


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