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Xbox 360 Kinect – Review & Prices this Christmas

Microsoft’s advertising budget for their Xbox 360 launch was less then that of their new Xbox Kinect which has been given a $500milion budget to play with.

And yet, does Microsoft’s new revelation even need it? The Xbox Kinect is designed to be a gaming system without the need for a controller to operate the game. Yes that’s right, you can forget about using controllers or making sure your near the tv so its plugged into the console; this new revelation works around a webcam attached to your T.V.

The Kinect is able to recognize spoken commands and human body movements and display them on screen whilst playing a variety of games.

Although Sony’s PlayStation 3 has their ‘move’ device which is a similar sort of platform and Nintendo have their interface, one thing is for certain, The Xbox Kinect designed by Microsoft is leading the innovation race between the competitors with their device.

Microsoft stated that the Kinect is designed to “broaden the Xbox 360’s audience beyond its typical gamer” this may include many women who once never touched an Xbox, can now perform a body workout by undertaking aerobic exercises, thus staying fit, or golfers practicing their golf swing in front of the TV with a top U.S. golf course simulated on the screen.

One thing is for sure, this is the future of the gaming world and its definitely shaping up to be an exciting one.

The Xbox Kinect is available at a price of $149.99 and £129.99 respectively.

This is sure to be a big hit this Christmas with Wal-Mart already selling out of this system. However, you are able to purchase this with an Xbox 360 and a few games for a good price across many U.S. stores.

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