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Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Review and Prices

The Xbox Kinect is now available to buy in time for Christmas. Microsoft’s new gaming revelation is set to re-shape the future of the gaming world. It manages to interact you with the system. I.e. no controllers are needed. That’s right, instead, you are the controller! The Kinect recognizes your body movements and your voice recognition and this operates the game-play making it simple and fun for any of you.

Controllers will not be needed in future due to the new technology available. Although Nintendo’s Wii console has a similar sort of version, where it recognizes controller movements. You still have to use a controller to operate the game. With Microsoft’s Kinect, all you have to do is speak out loud and the game runs smoothly.

The new concept from Microsoft is only compatible on their Xbox 360 console. You are able to purchase both the console and the kinect in a deal package from various shops online including Wal-Mart and Amazon.

It is available for $150 in the U.S and £130 in the U.K.

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  1. emulatorxbox says:

    only $150 in USA? ;/
    Im Ukrainian it cost $300+


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