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Apple iPad Dock Station – Altec Lansing Octiv Stage

With the Apple iPad storming the markets since its launch, the popular gadget is sure to be a big hit this Christmas. Although Apple have enabled all its “app world” applications onto its iPad, people are now looking to blend the iPad into their life-style.

The gadget is designed for travel, however, many people now see it as an accessory for home; yet, will the pad blend aesthetically into a nice home. The answer is yes! Altec Lansing have launched a sleak design which acts as a stand (or a dock) for the iPad to simply rest harmlessly in one’s home.

The dock does not simply support the iPad, it enables users to operate the PC tablet in an efficient manner by playig music or videos (and so on) through the use of a control which comes with the dock. The Dock in affect acts as a stand for the tablet, thus, can be used as a Television.

The stand enables the iPad to be supported both vertically and horizontally making the dock more user friendly for consumers. This is due to its rotating connection arm. In addition to this, it can also be tilted both forwards and backwards.

With regards to the music quality which the doc produces. Well… its not terrible, but is it really good enough to value the dock at $149. The sound is respectable to say the least however there are iPod docking stations already available which produce a far clearer sound then this dock does.

Yet, this stylish and somewhat fresh iPad Dock will surely be a big hit with Christmas.

The dock is able to be bought from Apple.

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