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Latest iPad 2 news & rumours

Speculation surrounding the next generation Apple iPad 2 is progressively increasing everyday. So, with all these rumours stemming from the tech world, the team at Buzz Biz news have had a look at the rumours surrounding the iPad 2.

The first rumour of the iPad 2 is added feature of two cameras at the front and rear of the tablet. The cameras will be two sizes, one being 5 mega- pixels at the front and the other a 3 mega- pixel at the back. This feature has been further supported with protective cases in China featuring two camera wholes. It is also believed the supplier of the iphone 4 cameras has agreed to deal with Apple once again for the iPad 2, although Largan Precision have not confirmed or denied the rumour. The added cameras will allow users to use Apple’s FaceTime, which many believe will attract individuals in business as they can use it for video conferencing. The second rumour is that the new iPad 2 will have an improved HD Retina Display screen. This screen will not be 7 inches as early rumours suggested. Some speculated that the new screen will also feature 3D technology but this seems to far fetch even for Apple.

One rumour that seems to be true is the attachment of a USB 3.0 port to the side of the iPad 2. Many current users of the iPad feel that the lack of USB is a hindrance to the full potential of the iPad. With an added USB port, it becomes easier for users to upload movies and photos to their device. It allows document to be transferred over from ones laptop or desktop, which before with the current iPad was very difficult.  The iPad 2 will also feature an integrated SD card reader for users. However, the biggest rumour to come out of the pc tablet market is that Apple plan to release their next generation iPad in April 2011and in the same time period of RIM’s Blackberry Playbook release date.

So what would you like to see on the iPad 2, write to us at Buzz Biz news with your ideas?

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