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Apple begin production for the iPhone 5

For the last few months many rumours have been flying around the internet in regard to the the iphone 5. With the iphone 4 nearly a year old it isn’t surprising to hear that  Apple have begun planning the production of their highly anticipated iphone 5.   Reports stemming from the  Nikkei Business Daily, suggest that the  manufacturer Toshiba will be producing high-resolution LCD panels for the ipad 2, iphone 5 and the  ipod Touch.  It is believed that the bosses of  Apple and  Toshiba have partnered up  and invested in new 575 million pound factory based in Ishikawa, Japan.Steve Jobs and the Apple corporation know that the next generation Apple products will have a great demand  and  have estimated  the  production of over 9 million units every month within the new factory.  This has yet to be confirmed or denied by both Apple and Toshiba, giving further evidence to the release of an iphone 5 and ipad 2 early next year.

According to sources the iphone 5 will be released in the first quarter of  2011, a year after the iPhone 4. Some suggested an early Christmas release, which in reality was never going to happen , with the iphone 4 still managing to attract a high number of customers. One rumour that continues to appear is that  fact that the bosses of  Apple have scrapped the idea of a white iphone 4 altogether due to the technical problems and as a result full attention is with the production and manufacturing of the  iphone 5. What do you want to see on the next generation iphone ?


  1. Jay says:

    Iphone 4 came out on June 24th, not even 6 months ago…..

    • robert says:

      i was thinking the same jay! haha, i want an iphone 4 for christmas, you think there is much point if there is iphone 5 round the corner?

  2. Elaine Frank says:

    What could be such a major problem for apple that they cannot get a handle on the white iPhone? It baffles the mind. Why don’t they just tell the truth and put the people that r waiting for the white iPhone out of their misery, so we can move on! TELL THE TRUTH ALREADY!

  3. Phillip Truscott says:

    Will the iphone 5 be made of the Liquid Metal technology, that Apple has all the patents of?

  4. AJ says:

    Sometime – we will have enough tech in our pocket. Make the existing stuff work instead of developing more gadgets. I love my iPhone 4. If only it made calls as well as my crappy old nokia handset.


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