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HTC tablet to be released in first quarter of 2011

The electronics manufacture, HTC is to release its own version of a pc tablet in the first quarter of 2011. HTC plan to challenge rival companies such as Samsung and RIM. They aim is to decrease the iron fist Apple have on the pc tablet market and have their own share of rising and profitable pc tablet  market.  It is widely known among the techno world that HTC produce the most efficient and most technological advanced mobile phones.  HTC CEO Peter Chou has even stated that their tablet will also be catered to every individual customer, with the individual customer being able to chose what features or specs they want from their tablet. Customers can choose between windows or Android or have a large or small screen, they can even choose a keyboard or touchscreen.  Although no actual specification of the HTC tablet have been released, many have rumoured that it will feature a 4G LTE handset, which will offer a faster mobile network connection than that of the 3G seen in the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Blackberry PlayBook.  It is  believed that the  new Verizon iphone 4  which is  is due in March 2011, will also feature 4G LTE technology.

What do you think? Will the HTC tablet dominate the market in 2011 or will Apple’s  upcoming iPad 2 continue to increase their dominance  ?

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