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Leaked iPhone 5 pictures shows whole new design

Recent rumours suggest that Apple have begun producing their next generation iphone 5. With all this speculation, a leaked picture from Chinese website M8cool shows Apple have opted to change the design of the iphone. The iphone 5 is due to be released in 2011, with some believing an early release in March and others stating a release in June, which makes more sense as it would be a  year since the iphone 4 was launched. Many experts believed this was going to happen, as Apple’s iphone 4 design although very sophisticated, created numerous problems. Problems with signal connection  have created a negative affiliation with the phone and as a result a number of customers have chosen other mobile phones such as the BlackBerry Bold. According to other speculation Apple have partnered with electronic giant Toshiba who will manufacture the LCD screens for the next gen iphone.  With this new design, the iphone 5 is a combination between the iphone 3GS and the slim line style of the iphone 4.

What would you like to see  in the next generation iPhone ?

iPhone 5 leaked pictures


  1. John D. says:

    i hope that it will have an OLED screnn with ice touch

  2. Bill says:

    I think this is just a Chinese copy, not the real iphone 5

  3. Chris D says:

    How about a bigger screen come on get with the times at least a 4.3″. The Iphones screen is size is quickly becoming a JOKE


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