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Top 10 Gadgets for 2010

2010 has been one of the most exciting years in the technology world. We have experienced a completely new range of technology gadgets some have been ground breaking, others not so well received but nonetheless they have all added in their own particular way.

Computer tablets and smartphones have taken the world by storm. The world is dominated by smartphones it is a must have gadget for so many reasons. They are the perfect business phones as well for the youngsters who can’t get enough of their social networking apps. No wonder they will feature so heavily in our list. So lets begin:

1: iPhone 4

Surprise Surprise the iPhone 4 tops the list. It may have had a signal setback but the technology and the design is innovative, elegant and fresh.

2: iPad

No we are not sponsored by Apple! They are one and two on the grid because they are bringing out the best products on the markets. The iPad is the original computer tablet and it is fantastic.

3: Kinect

Some great technology and will hopefully take gaming to a whole new level.

4: Kindle

Book readers will become more and more popular in the New Year and the Kindle is one of the bets on the market at the moment.

5: Blackberry Torch

A fresh new blackberry which looks different and feel different, very refreshing from RIM.

6:  Sony Vaio

Stylish and practical, Sony have clearly worked on their flaws and we appreciate it.

7: Samsung Galaxy

Android have stampeded into the market and the Samsung Galaxy is really battling with the big boys.

8: Panasonic 3D

Still in its infancy but it still a big hit and will grow from strength to strength.

9: HTC HD7

Windows are joining Google, RIM and Apple and the HTC HD7 is a good start.

10: Light Touch

Two words; Uber Cool

What are your favourite gadgets of 2010


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