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Monster Beats by Dr Dre Headphones review

For those music lovers a new pair of headphones may be on the wish list for Christmas and the Monster Beats by Dr Dre are a perfect pair.

The Pros:

They are produced by Dr Dre so you automatically get street credibility from other headphone lovers and those who keep up with electrical products. These are super cool headphones and they look great with many celebrities also choosing the Monster Beats as their headphones of choice.

They come in a few different models so there are some bigger headphones producing an incredible sound which are more expensive and the smaller headphones which still produce a great sound and are more portable, they are cheaper but not necessarily better.

The sound quality is very good with detachable wire and fold in which means they become compact and easy to carry. It has an input and output port. The wire has a remote control attached that control volume, track switch and play button.

The Cons:

The price. They are very expensive costing at around $399 which may put many off so only purchase them if you will use them to their full potential and often.

They aren’t that suitable for children as due to their weight, they could be quite uncomfortable.

Basically, if you are an avid music listener then these are absolutely prefect.

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