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Samsung Google Nexus S Review

The interesting thing about this new phone is that it is completely inspired by Google. Samsung are the manufactures but Google designed and produced the software for the phone. Naturally the Nexus S is an Android based phone, due to Google owning Android, and it is adding to an ever increasing Android catalogue which is become more and more popular.

The Pros:

The most exciting aspect of the phone is that it is pure Google. As Google created this phone will relatively little input from Samsung, it should showcase Google’s, therefore Android’s, most positive and exciting features and it does.

An impressive feature of the Samsung Google Nexus S is its super quick and responsive touch screen. It has an on-screen keyboard and the reason for its crucial responsiveness is a superfast chip integrated into the phone.

The Cons:

The design is very boring and generic nothing shouts out at you. It isn’t that distinguishable from many other phones on the market. It is plain black and is rectangular shape with curved edges. It doesn’t do much for the phone.

Storage is also a major problem and this is quite significant. It has its storage capped at 16GB with only 1GB used to store downloaded apps.

All in all it is a good phone especially if you are a big Android fan, but I’m not convinced that it can take on the iPhone or many Blackberries, they are getting closer though…

What do you think?



  1. I believe it has 16gb Nand memory, and up to 32gb MicroSD

    • D Wollmann says:

      16GB of _fast_ memory (much faster than SD), no MicroSD, period. I stream all my music, and find the whole concept of storing media on the phone lame. I keep a few audible books on the phone and a few tunes, so 16GB is plenty for me. My only real gripe so far is that the init process CPU spin issue isn’t fixed in Gingerbread, so you still need to enable USB Debugging if you want > 3 hrs. of battery.


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