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LG Apex Review

The LG apex was released a few months ago so we believe a review is in order especially so close to Christmas as this smartphone could be on a few wish lists.

Let’s first look at the spec; it is an Android 2:1 smartphone. It has a 600MHz processor and a 3.2 inch screen with a sliding QWERTY keyboard. It has a 3 mega pixel camera and has a video recording feature. It has 256 MB of RAM and it has an integrated media and YouTube player.


It is very easy to use. The sliding keyboard system is smooth and practical allowing for very quick typing perfect for sending emails and updating your Facebook status. Its shape is rather pleasing to hold and isn’t too big or heavy which is normally the downfall for many sliding QWERTY keyboard phones. The price tag is one of its biggest advantages. It is a very cheap smartphone with prices starting at around $80.


The battery life is not that good and if it is to be used as a business smartphone, then there will be a problem. The battery is not that reliable and therefore want be able to compete with the reliable and practical Blackberries that RIM keep on producing. It also isn’t that responsive.

Therefore, a cheap smartphone that would be perfect for a teenager.

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