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Latest Apple iPad 2 News & Features

With speculation surrounding the features of the iPad 2 circulating the Internet everyday, the team at Buzz Biz news have looked at what features seem more realistic on the next generation iPad.

The rumour of a dual camera on the iPad 2 seems to be a dead cert. With the success of Apple’s application of FaceTime on the iphone 4, it will be no surprise to see a camera on the new tablet. Another major factor is the fact rival tablets Samsung Galaxy Tablet and Blackberry’s PlayBook both feature cameras on their devices. It is rumoured the front camera will be 3 megapixels and the back will be 5 megapixels. The ability to use Facetime allows owners to use their pc tablets for video – conferencing.

The second feature that is highly anticipated to be on the iPad 2 is the added USB port. Many fans of the current iPad feel it’s potential as a pc tablet has been sacrificed because of the failure of a USB port. The added USB port will be allow users to upload documents, music, photos and movies from one device to another with complete ease.

The iPad 2 is also speculated to feature a much longer battery life. Although the current iPad has a long battery life, people expect the device to last much longer as it is a portable device. Users want to be able to travel with their iPad for a number of days without the need of charging every night. For this reason, I believe Apple will enhance the battery life. I also believe that Apple will enhance the size of the memory on the iPad 2 and establish a greater memory size then 64 GB.

What would you like to see on the next generation Apple iPad?


  1. Gari-G says:

    I would like it to include some 3D graphics. Apple has already patented a method for it so why not include it in this product?

  2. Christopher Stone says:

    I’d like to see a world-class word-processing program for iPad2.

  3. Jill says:

    I would love a USB port for file transfer.

  4. Anonymus says:

    Wait a second, if you are actually able to have a USB port, will the iPad 2 be compatible with the Macbook Air Superdrive? Please reply if you have skepticism or if you also believe that it will be compatible.

  5. John says:

    I’d like to see apple include the USB and other adapters with the purchase as when I buy a laptop I recieve these built in. That the only thing holding me back from buying one.

  6. Johnny says:

    I would like to see build in SD card reader since iPad can be as picture frame.

  7. Dr. R. Padmanabhan says:

    I am not allergic to the number 7. On top of having USB, I would love to see a 7-inch iPad. There is a great demand for such a device. If only Apple makes it, it is even better.

  8. baaah says:

    i want to see 3d graphics, webcam, cd drive and usb port

  9. santasllhelper says:

    @Baah, why not just buy a laptop? its a tablet not a laptop!

  10. Mike says:

    Until apple gets of there high horse and allows flash, I will never buy another ipad. It is useless on too many sites…. Sold mine while it had some value

  11. anand says:

    expecting ipad2 with features like usb port,SD card reader ,web-cam and also increased height with current width


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