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Motorola smartphone to be on Verizon 4G Network

Verizon Wireless has made an agreement with Motorola to start distributing a Motorola smartphone on Verizon’s brand new 4G network. The Motorola device will be the first phone to have the fourth generation Verizon network, clearly Verizon have a lot of faith in Motorola.

Verizon and Motorola have formed a very close relationship over the past year, and the relationship is based upon their support for Google’s application platform, Android. Motorola have been so impressed with Android that they now only produce Android devices. Verizon, America’s biggest network carrier, have campaigned successfully for Android phones and has played a major role in Android’s fantastic sales achievements.

The new Verizon network has LTE technology which stands for Long Term Evolution. It hopes to be the quickest 4G network out there and hopes to even be comparable to land-based cable modems or fibre optic technology.

Many thought that the Verizon 4G network would feature first on Apple’s iPhone. The Verizon iPhone is a highly speculated device which may or may not be produced as there is still no official confirmation. It could be that Motorola is a test for the Verizon network which is still in its infancy. Maybe the Motorola device will give Verizon a chance to test and learn more about the network they have developed.


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