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Skype Down – Service still experiencing problems

Users of Skype all over the world have today been experiencing sever problems with the VOIP service. This is the first major Skype outage since 2007, and will cause major embarrassment for the company just as its fortunes appeared to be going in the right direction.

Users of the service have been taking to the social networks to vent their frustrations at the issues their are facing as a result of the interruption in Skype service. Many users have reported problems logging into their account, and even once they manage to log in, many calls have been dropping mid-conversations. This is a course of great concern for the Skype management, who will have many engineers on the case attempting to fix the currently unknown issue. A message posted on the Skype Twitter page said – “engineers and site operations team are working non-stop to get things back to norm.” For all the Skype users we can just hope this is sooner rather than later. The longer it lasts the more of a PR disaster it will be for the company.

What issues have you experienced during the Skype down time?


  1. tracy says:

    down time is costing us a fortune in lost trade days before xmas! however If it means having all the phone lines i need without having to put a penny in BTs pocket ill deal with it!1 day down in nearly 4 years still puts BT to shame.

  2. Sharon says:

    I had a problem with Skype and my computer getting ‘virused’ (probably 2 years ago)…. at that time, I discovered that if I deleted Skype – the computer functioned well again. (after doing what one has to do to reconfigure the whole blasted thing!)

    So when my computer started acting up about two weeks ago, I immediately deleted Skype, got rid of Firefox, and started using Google Chrome. Once things settled down, I downloaded Skype again.

    About an hour ago, I got a note from a buddy in NZ saying she could not get on. So I tried to call my daughter and, though I was able to log on, the call would not go through. I called my daughter via my cell. She tried to get on and could not even log on.

    I love Skype – many friends throughout the globe – do hope they get this problem fixed…. especially with the holidays here! Perhaps that’s the problem, too many of us wishing each other Merry Christmas!

  3. Angelo says:

    I have been waiting for my brother overseas to contact us via skype before he takes off from there this afternoon but I have had to download yahoo messenger to do so as we can not log in to skype,yahoo messenger is a little harder to use but the picture quality is much better and it doesn’t drop out so we will probably stick with it.Christmas is the worse time for this to happen they probably didn’t prepare for the amount of users that were going to be online at the same time but this is just my guess anyhow it’s just not good enough!!!

  4. admin says:

    Hopefully they restore the service as soon as possible, it has become a massive inconvenience.

  5. Kayla says:

    my friends and I are all having problems conencting and/or staying conencted

  6. Penny says:

    Trying to log on to skype via iphone 4 keeps telling me I have a network problem and to check my settings. So not true as facebook, google, mail, etc all working!!!! Urggh when will it be working again?????

  7. Irfan says:

    The skype problem should be solve till now. it took many hours and a lot of people are waiting for it.

  8. David Roderick says:

    I thought using Skype was a great way for my business to save money. Now we’re loosing money and he real downside is there is not a live customer person you can talk to or vent to. Welcome to, “you get what you pay for.”
    Maybe time to go back to those other guys again.

  9. Steve-o says:

    Skype hasn’t been listening to anybody lately, it’s their own damn fault. Why we don’t have video skype with iPods is ridicules. Sure skype was great when it first came out, but the community outgrew the companies capability to support it. The problem is there is nothing out there like it. Hopefully FaceTime will set things straight in the near future….

  10. Jan says:

    Haven’t been able to see skype looking ‘live’ all morning – none of the little contact icons show green at all which means I can’t contact anyone. I have no idea how to fix it or if this is the Skype company problem. Yet my husband on his computer 10 feet away has green little icons showing. Any clues appreciated… thanks

  11. Heather says:

    it is now thursday her in Australia and we still can’t
    get into skype and neither can New Zealand hope it all gets sorted out soon

  12. Richard says:

    Had trouble connecting with a business colleague in Australia who said he was having trouble, then my daughter in Kazakhstan was having trouble. I then found the news postings that it was a Skype problem not our problem…

  13. viks says:

    Hi I am writing from Singapore…I am unable to Login and does everyone else face the same issue of logins?
    How far shall this outage last as business is suffering really!

  14. sumera says:

    hi ,big problem plz solve

  15. Joy says:

    How did we ever get along without Skype? I love it but I understand it is just a piece of technology, and as such, is subject to the occasional glitch. Let’s not get our knickers in a twist over a down day. It will not help, and will only make us walk funny.

  16. Vijay Modi says:

    I am not able to login in the skype. also yesterday it was creashing frequently.

  17. Mike says:

    We use skype for our office phones and chat all day long with customers, partners, and team members. It was weird being cut off today. Made me realize how much we love the service. Wishing them well on returning the service.

  18. Eileen says:

    Skype is back on and running again as of 2:41pm (GMT +8) time.

  19. Kafka1964 says:

    Skype you are the best. Please fix your problem hurry. We love you anyway. Best regards


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