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Skype Problems – Global Blackout Continues

Millions of users of the VOIP service Skype continue to be plagued by the errors that have been affecting the software since late yesterday evening. As a number of business purely use Skype for their communication, this downtime could prove to be very costly in deed and is becoming a public relations disaster for the company.

The company has stated that the errors have resulted from critical parts of their network being taken offline.  ”We take outages like this really seriously and apologise for the inconvenience,” Skype chief Tony Bates told BBC News.

Mr Bates does appear to be slightly underplaying the significance of the downtime by describing it as a mere inconvenience. Millions of people heavily rely to Skype to provide the service the promise, and this breakdown in operations will have severe repercussions. I expect many people to attempt to switch to alternative VOIP services in order to maintain their own operations.

The  company outlined the issues on a blog post placed on their site late last night. The company said that the errors have resulted from a failure of their “supernodes”, which act like a phone directory by matching the calls to each other.   The company have been attempting to create “mega-supernodes” to fix the problem. However we have no idea when the Skype problems will be fixed.

How has the Skype down time affected you?


  1. TaO says:

    I log in my skype so after 5 min he becomes offline then after few sec online and shows that ppl are online I can’t call them no sound at all I can’t text them nothing at all to messages don’t reach their skype and that happens for like 2 days .. I need my skype this is my work connection helps me to reach my clients it’s really important otherwise I’m just gonna leave and join MSN.

  2. Marco says:

    From Italy: skype problems since yesterday afternoon

    Impossibile to play domino game to decide who has to pay coffe, no coffe drunk , company blocked


  3. mec says:

    Skype is downplaying the mess. Have been offline here in China for 18 hours. It is a joke for Mr. Bates to suggest this is a minor inconvenience.

    Skype’s architecture management is flawed – if they rolled out an IOS update and had not fully vetted it, heads should roll. If their system architecture has failed, where are the redundancies they tell businesses they can trust and rely on? If the have no idea what the real root cause of the problem is, I certainly wont hang my business’ operations on their network…. Maybe Skype really is just a household toy….It sure seems the may not really know what is going in in their own federated network and may, in fact, be relying on network functionality on machines they do not have full control of.

    On a separate front, I am surprised that no one has begun asking questions regarding state-sponsored network hacking. After all, there are a lot of repressive regimes (and I include the USA in that group) that certainly are not thrilled with the broad free flow of information. The Iranians and many others have lots of “payback” to spread around, especially after software did in a few centrifuges, russian gas pipelines and, I suspect, other things we know little about.


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