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NORAD Santa Tracker – Where is Santa now?

Happy Christmas Eve / Day depending on where you are in the world. Today is the day that children the world over get the presents they have been craving for the last year. Many Children will stay up all night just waiting and hoping to catch a glimpse of Santa as he delivers their present. As the technology in the world has changed, many children will be staying up all night tracking Santa Claus through the NORAD Santa Tracker, waiting for him to arrive in their neighborhood.

The tracker stated that at 5 PM EST, Santa dropped of his presents in Keetmanshoop, Namibia. He will slowly travel around the world delivering his goods to deserving children.

The Santa Tracker is developed by NORAD, which is the US and Canadian military division in charge of defending North American Air Space. They have been tracking the Christmas route of Santa for over half a century. Therefore they seem to know what they are doing!

The NORAD website provides many ways of tracking Santa’s route through various interactive means, such as Google Maps, Google Earth and photos.

All we can say is Happy Christmas, and I hope you get the Christmas presents you have asked for.

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