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News on Stores open on Christmas 2010

Happy Holidays to you all. Most people will be spending the day with their family round the dinner table. However others will want to head to the shops to pick up their bargains in the after christmas sales. This leads many people to ask the question – What stores are open on Christmas Day?

The answer to that question is that most stores are closed on Christmas Day, as most staff want the day off. Stores such as Walmart and Target who were open on Christmas Eve are in fact closed on Christmas Day.  Therefore Christmas Day may not be the day to begin your Christmas Sales 2010 shopping, that will have to wait until at least tomorrow. However most sales have already started online, so if you get in there early their are some fantastic bargains to be had.

Yet do not despair, many branches of Starbucks will be open on Christmas, so you can still get your Coffee fix. Many Cinemas will also be opening tonight giving you some evening entertainment.

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