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Mr Playboy Hugh Hefner Engaged to Crystal Harris

Hugh Hefner, the 84 year old founder of Playboy, is to get married for the 3rd time to his 24 year old former Playmate girlfriend Crystal Harris. Men around the world will be in awe of how Mr Hefner manages to achieve such a feat.

The engagment was announced by Hefner on Twitter on Christmas Day,  intially there was confusion when he tweet that he had give Crystal a ring, and later clarifying the situation by saying “Yes, the ring I gave Crystal is an engagement ring,”

Hefner set up his Playboy empire in 1953 and has been known for his womanizing with considerably younger women. The brand is not quite as successful as it was is its peak,  yet still is known the world over.  Hefner become “exclusive” with Harris last April highlighting the seriousness of the relationship. What is certain is that the wedding will certainly be an extravagant affair, and their will be no shortage of women on show.

What do you make of High Hefner’s engagement?

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