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Steve Jobs leaves Apple due to medical reasons

Apples CEO Steve Jobs has announced today that he will be taking a leave of absence from the company to pay attention to his health. This will be the second time that Steve Jobs has left Apple due to medical reasons.  Steve Jobs will remain the CEO of Apple but he will not be running the day to day operations. He has left that to Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook. The CEO of Apple has had previous medical health problems and in 2009 he took a leave of absence after a liver transplant and in early 2004  he successfully fought against pancreatic cancer.

This news is a major shock in the tech world and the announcement could have a major effect on the Apple corporation.According to financial experts, many investors are worried that Steve Jobs absence could see a dramatic change in the stock of Apple. Wihout the main figure head working in the corporation,  experts believe Apple lose the skills of a genius that has brought the ipod and iPad. The result is that stock will plunge.  Investors are looking at the period in which Jobs wasn’t CEO in 1983 to 1997 which saw Apple as a mere computer company , not the super power it has become in the computer market under Steve Jobs.

When the stock market opens tomorrow , many expect to see a decline in the stocks of Apple but the longer Steve Jobs is away  the greater the risk  of Apples stock prices falling  and its dominance in the electronic market dwindling.

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