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Apple Stocks fall, will Steve Jobs retire?

Yesterday, Apple announced that their CEO, Steve Jobs is to take an indefinite leave of absence due to his health. Jobs has had health related issues in the past, however, could this be it? Is he to step down from his highly stressful job at Apple and retire?

Apple stocks have fallen 1.93% on the NASDAQ since today’s open and has fallen by 6% overseas. The current price for an Apple share is 431.67, as of 2:45 PM EST.

Steve Jobs is Apple’s figurehead and is a very popular figure in the technology world. He is known for his innovative business strategy and marketing genius and it is no surprise that Apple stocks have significantly fallen due to his absence.

Samsung electronics have risen sharply in the Far East after news of Jobs’ absence. Samsung are one of Apple’s closest competitors and this news could spur on Samsung. This is also bad news for the iPhone 5, as this could be delayed due to Jobs’ absence who has been inspirational in the production of the Mac, iPod, iPad and the iPhones.

Steve Jobs has suffered from ill health in the past with cancer surgery in 2004 and a liver transplant in 2009, could this mean that Jobs’ has to retire for health reasons? We hope not and we hope him a speedy recovery.

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