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iPhone 5 Release Date & latest features

The iPhone 5 or fifth generation iPhone is likely to be released in the second quarter of 2011. This will give the iPhone 4 a full year life cycle and will coincide with some contract upgrades which are very important to keep customer loyal. Apple does normally release their iPhone’s in the summer and we don’t believe the iPhone 5 will be an exception.

Here are some of the specs that we know or think will feature on the iPhone 5:

LTE with graphical advanced dual core CPU, graphics card SGX543 with HD quality, a multi-core A8 system chip with Dual Core processor, a 3.7 inch display screen and a 1.2 GHz processor. There is nothing that ground breaking to feature on the iPhone 5, as instead of revolutionising the iPhone, Apple will be building on their current model which has a proven track record. Some additions that will be new may be a possible media stream and MobileMe Connect. These are some very useful and beneficial additions.

Two things are unclear though, how will Steve Jobs’ absence affect the iPhone 5? Will it be heavily delayed? Have severe problems or not be as good as Jobs has had relatively no input? Other question are on the price, will it have a similar price tag or do Apple think now that the iPhone is superior to all other rivals and people will value that.

What other rumours have you heard about the iPhone 5?


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