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Windows 8 Beta: More or less on its way, releasing in January 2013

Rumors are on fire that Microsoft is planning to launch its new Operting System, Windows 8 by January 2013. The news is that Microsoft is working on the next future release of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 service pack 2 since the end of 2010. We can’t say that Windows 8 is the concluding name of the next version, though Server edition is likely to be Windows Server 2012. As Microsoft did with its previous releases, there will be two beta versions for tesing purposes followed by RC version.

Some of the major changes expected in the future release might be :

  • 128-bit support: News isn’t new, but there are strong rumors that there will be support for 128- bit address scheme for IPv6 protocol.
  • Faster data processing: Comparing the previous releases like windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8 is likely to have faster bootup process even with fair configured machine.
  • A really good version of browser: From its previous browsers’ release, Microsoft is not able to be at the top of browser market. While competitors like chrome, firefox, opera, Safari, flock, etc., providing clever feaures  are the consumer’s first choice.
  • System on Chip (SoC) architecture support: Microsoft has announced at CES 2011 that the future release will support System on a chip (SOC) architecture including ARM-based systems from partners NVIDIA Corp., Qualcomm Inc. and Texas Instruments Inc.
  • Integration with Windows App Store: Just like Apple’s idea of having an App Store for Mac OS X, Microsoft is also planning to have a App store for Windows 8. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 id already launched with this support.
  • Tablet support: Windows 8 is planned to run well on laptops, PC and tablet. The last gadget is of concern as laptops and PC are categorized differently from tablets and for tablets, a specific OS is required. Also, almost all the OS from Microsoft requires the integration of mouse and keyboard in device. Microsoft needs to build a tablet-friendly OS that supports and helps third-party apps too!

Earlier, an employee from Microsoft leaked information of roadmap, so expecting the same to be in OS. Also, new UI is rumored to be called ‘Mosh’ and OS may use files in cloud. Advancement in Virtualization is also predictable.

Our expectations from Microsoft are more or less the same that we want things earlier from others.

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