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Apple’s App Store hits 10 billion downloads

Apple’s App Store has hit 10 billion downloads, a remarkable feat in a relatively small amount of time. The store has reached the 10 billion milestone in less than three years since it became active.  Apple also offered the 10 billionth downloader a $10,000 App Store gift card in celebration of the milestone.

The App Store boasts over 350,000 apps and they are a mixture of free apps and paid apps for Apple users who have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.  Some the apps have really taken off, Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja and Doodle Jump are some of the games which are Apple’s highest grossing as well as Apps which are used for social networking, Facebook and Twitter having major success.

Apple’s store has been replicated by many of its competitors after seeing the success of the App Store.  Research in Motion and Google both have similar stores but don’t offer the same variety of apps, the amount of apps and the ease of using the store interface.

Apps can be created by anyone and can be released, depending on passing the App Store Review Guidelines, and it’s the creativity of the developers and creators which have really helped and contributed to Apple’s success.

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  1. Joca says:

    This is a very strange number!
    About 80 million iPhones have been sold (73millions according to wikipedia I’m gonna assume the number is a bit out of date)
    iPad has a few more millions but in the whole there are probably less than 100million units sold.
    To reach this number each usar has to have downloaded more than 1000 aps. O.o
    On top of this I know a lot of users and none of them have downloaded more than a few dozen apps. I’ll assume there are alot of users with the same behavior.
    So this means there are users downloading thousands of apps. O.O
    Really….sounds like another lame marketing strategy by Apple…


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