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Verizon iPhone advert heightens suspense

The first advert for the Verizon iPhone has played on the suspense factor for the device and it is also the first iPhone advert that doesn’t actually show an iPhone.

The make-up of the advert is many different glimpses of clocks and people watching the time anxiously.  There is then a voice over which thanks the Verizon customers who have stood by Verizon in the long wait for the iPhone, a three year wait. The ad finishes with a flash of the iPhone 4’s logo and Verizon’s logo, and then 2.10.11, the smartphone’s release date as well as the image of Verizon’s ‘Rule The Air’ campaign.

The advert is heightening the suspense for many Verizon customers who have been waiting for the iPhone for a very long time and increasing the hype over the release date. The story of the Verizon iPhone has been told for many a time with it being in the news for a good six months before it was announced two week ago.

Apple’s iPhone will be available to Verizon customers for $199.99 for the 16GB and $299.99 for the 32GB models.  The iPhone will be offered to Verizon customer first and then offered to everyone else a week after. There are high hopes for the Verizon iPhone.

Are you planning on switching to a Verizon iPhone?


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