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Verizon iPhone release could damage AT&T

There has been much estimation to how many devices Verizon Wireless will sell in their first year. Estimation figures keep on growing as we near closer to the release date of the iPhone, the third of February, and the latest figures suggest that sales could rise to as much as 24 million in the first year. This would be an astonishing feat if the Verizon iPhone reaches these sorts of numbers.

But how will this affect Verizon’s main competitor, AT&T?

AT&T had the exclusive rights to the iPhone since its inception in 2007 and sales figures have still been going strong. AT&T’s fourth quarter accounts show that it activated 4.1 million iPhones, still impressive figures. The total amount of AT&T subscribers has now totalled over 95 million users; this means that it has overtaken Verizon Wireless as America’s biggest network carrier.

AT&T offered customers deals and contract additions to try and keep their customers who were nearing the end of their contracts. Around 90% of AT&T subscribers are locked into their contract due to AT&T initiatives to keep their customers and it is predicted that they may only lose two million customers to Verizon.

Have you decided to switch from AT&T to Verizon?

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