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Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Release Date Info & Latest news

The next two products on the Apple production line are the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2.

A buzzbiznews employee recently took a trip to China, and sources close to Apple’s factory have suggested that the iPad 2 will begin to enter production in the coming few weeks. The factory is currently churning out the slightly modified Verizon iPhone 4, so once they have been produced they will be turning their attention to the iPad 2. We are then expecting and iPad 2 release date of some time at the end of April or beginning of May. Apple would  be expected to release a statement in the coming week confirming what new features will exist in the iPad 2. One feature many of us are expecting will be USB connectivity as well as an HD screen and NFC connectivity. Yet anything else we predict will be purely guess work.

The iPhone 5 release date should be expected sometime in the summer, around July or early August. This would tie in with the yearly time distance between past generations of iPhone. Once more we can expect the iPhone 5 to feature NFC to enable mobile payments. Once Apple rolls out this software in their gadgets then I believe we will finally see the take off of NFC payments.

It is an exciting time to be an Apple Fan, there are lots of product releases to look forward to. What features do you want in the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5?


  1. jacob grant says:

    I am a happy owner of the Iphone 4 & the Ipad. I am hoping that Apple will continue its commitment to product & software excellence. I look forward to you making serious strides beyond the competition. Commit to developing the Iphone 5 & Ipad into the clear leader in technology & user experience. Don’t get caught up in the normal ‘technological piece mealing’ that most companies suffer with.
    For instance:
    #1 – Iphone 5: Go to the 4.0′ or a 4.3′ screen; dual core processors; improvements with the OS; improved cloud technology. Improved & expanded speech commands; more competitive data plans! Give us a internal SD card slot.. Continue improving the touch experience……….allow the Iphone to become a ‘hot-spot’.

    #2 – Ipad 2.0: Increased pixel density (retina view); Increased memory to
    124 GB;
    Increase the number of books in Ibooks to better compete with;

    A special plan for those customer which have the IPhone 4 & the Ipad……instead of charging individual plans for both units…………..

    I just want to see you keep a considerable edge because I enjoy your products so much. But to continue your edge, you must begin to offer a more competitive plan as more and more people continue to struggle financially and with security.

    Jacob Grant

  2. Chris says:

    I’m excited for the iPhone 5. I might get a verizon iPhone 4 but I really want a white iPhone and if they don’t offer it for some time, then I’m going to just wait for the iPhone 5. But for the iPhone 5 I hope they offer it on verizon’s 4g network, and have FaceTime available on the 4g network and WiFi instead of just WiFi! But I haven’t yet interacted with an iPhone 4 so I can’t really say if they need to improve or add anything…I’ll leave adding awesome features to Apple. =D

  3. Fred says:

    I would like the Ipad 2 to have an OLED display so that the display wont strain the eyes (this way people will see it as a serious competitor against print or E-ink) and the battery will last a serious amount of time ) even when playing HD video!). Realistically because OLED displays are so expensive if they designed it in this way, rather than upgrading to the Ipad 3 they could give it hardware upgrades that only Apple store can offer. This way the product will have longevity and still be lucrative to Apple without damaging the environment!
    Also I would like it it to have full pdf support without the need of downloading a third party app! The option to dual boot operating systems.
    In addition, it will be nice if they make it more robust, a non scratch screen.
    If they put a pressure sensitive touch screen and a stylus it would be excellent for drawing or note taking.
    USB 3 would be nice but this would completely take away the huge lump sum they can get out of people for adding a few Gig’s of memory.
    In a perfect world it they would use a graphene processor, this wont overheat and extend the battery life considerably, not to mention make it one of the most powerful computers available.
    But unfortunately unless the general public refuse to buy these ancient devices the companies wont bring use up to date, it’ll be years until we see something with these specs. I read some where that Apple has bought vast amount of 10″ OLED displays making it hard for any other company to get them. This could me we will see this on the Ipad2 or its could just be a strategic move to prevent any other company from doing it first. I guess we’ll see
    I hope Apple wont disappoint us, but if they do I only hope a new company steps in out of the blue (probably from China or Russia) with a brilliant piece of hardware that will kick all the computer companies up the ass (so to speak) pushing them forward 5-10 years!

  4. Paul says:

    Retina Screens, Camera’s, etc not a must but definately need to offer the technology that’s available.
    1. USB Port
    2. Bluetooth Internet Tethering!!! (a must have) like we can iPhone to MacBook. We don’t have the money to have multiple 3G data accounts. iPad is meant to be the new portable diary/PC so being able to Internet tether from your iPhone would sell iPads like hotcakes!!!

  5. Don says:

    This news get me excited in some ways, but I am a bit disillusioned by the hype over Apple products after owning a 3GS, and MacBook Air.

    Thinking about getting back together with Blackberry. Blackberry phone for communication, and Playbook for tablet functionality. They seem to have done a great job with the PlayBook touch screen (based on reviews anyways).

    Whatever I do in the end, I won’t bother getting both and IPad and IPhone. I don’t get why some people do this. IPhone and IPad are the same thing in two sizes.

  6. bmorg says:

    Don. Does the IPad have phone capabilities? I didn’t know this.


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