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Latest Coverage from Egypt: Mubarak’s regime falters, Soliman appointed

Egypt’s President Hosni Mubarak is battling for power in Cairo, Egypt’s capital. Riots and protests, which are calling for Mubarak to resign and end his 30 year regime, are spreading through Egypt’s major cities. The protests are not fading with violent clashes between protesters, the army and the police with a clear message being sent to the President, to resign and for a new reformed Egypt. The protests have been sparked by the uprising in Tunisia which led to a revolution. Many Egyptians feel that the same should happen within their country and for Egypt to become a country founded upon democracy and social justice.

President Mubarak refuses to quit and wants to hang on to his leadership. He has also appointed Omar Soliman as vice president. This is the first time since 1981 that Egypt has a Vice President, illustrates the trouble Mubarak’s regime is in. Barack Obama, the President of the United States, has urged his ally to make changes and reform and allow for there to be greater freedoms and opportunity in the country. America has a lot of invested interest in Egypt and in the Middles East, although Mubarak regime is autocratic it staves off Islamic extremism. Many believe that these protests may involve the Muslim Brotherhood but it is reported that they play a small part in it.



  1. Lola Terrell says:

    We must support the Egyptians in their struggle for freedom. The people need to hear that Mubarak said he will talk with them. They should let Elbaredi (sp?) out of jail to go speak with Mubarak. Reforms must be instituted immediately. One thing that he has going for him is that they’ve kept out terrorists factions to a large degree. That is probably the only good thing.

  2. Pharaoh Abroad says:

    Its time people are heard and justice & opportunity are once again a possibility……

    Too easy that mubarak took leadership after the assasination of egypt’s greatest leader of all time Anwar Sadat! He was probably in on the assasination plot…assasin’s were at point blank range and he got away with a hand wound..i just don’t buy it

    Time for him and his gang to go!

  3. Garth says:

    After the riots in Egypt Mubarak will never be able to rule effectively and will only be able to stay in office with a major crackdown on the opposition that will cause many deaths. Even he must be able to see that. His regime is over and he needs to go now.


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