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PS3 Modified Firmware (PS3MFW) Project Underway

Recently, Sony has announced a new official firmware 3.56 for its PS3 console. The 3.56 firmware update is only a tiny patch in its predecessor firmware version. A hacker cum working professional Youness Alaoui (@KaKaRoToKS) hacked this firmware and customized it avail several options to create a modified firmware file.

According to, “The purpose of Project PS3MFW is the development of a customizable tool that creates modified firmware for PlayStation 3 with many great features not available in current solutions. It provides a framework where each firmware modification task is an independent plugin with access to an API that facilitates the modification process. One important feature is that the project will be entirely open source, as opposed to every other MFW released to date.”

Sony opposed it by strictly alerting the developers to stop all this illegal work. As of now, The PS3MFW Builder 0.1 tool which is an open source project is an application interface that has several check boxes to add features to the modified firmware.

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