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AT&T close gap on Verizon

Around 400,000 customers separate the top 2 phone networks in America. Verizon wireless I outstripping AT&T by this very small margin. AT&T sales have dramatically increased with around two and half million new customers joining the network. A main factor for the increase is undoubtedly the iPhone. However there are rumours that Verizon might be teaming up with Apple to have the exclusive rights on their products in the very near future.

These are the statistics. AT&T’s third-quarter growth included 5.2 million iPhones; this is a record for a single quarter. This is 62% more than the previous quarterly record of 3.2 million, which was also this year. AT&T says that 24% of the new iPhone activations were for customers who were new to AT&T. However Verizon is not necessarily losing customers to AT&T and it is more likely, even though there is no official reports, that T-Mobile or Sprint are losing their customer to AT&T.

AT&T also has a line of devices that could propel them to the very top of the market. The Windows 7 phone as well as a new line of Blackberry devices. However if the Verizon and Apple deal go through this will mean that AT&T will lose exclusivity and Verizon iPhone activations will rise. However it is unclear when this contract will be formed even if it will be.

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