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iPhone and iPad to use NFC for retail purchases

It has been reported that Apple, the creators of the iPhone and iPad are to introduce a system in which the iPhone or iPad user could use the device to make direct retail purchases. In effect, this would make your …

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Apple iPad 2 to feature an integrated SD card slot

The latest rumours surrounding  the Apple iPad 2  is that the next generation iPad will be equipped with an SD card slot.  According to  tech blog ‘

Motorola Xoom to rival Apple’s iPad

Motorola Xoom will be Motorola’s first attempt to break into the heavily congested computer tablet market. Motorola have been battling it out in the smartphone market in the

iPad 2 release date could be similar to Verizon iPhone’s

With the Verizon iPhone being announced this week and its release dates being set, the focus has now moved firmly onto the iPad 2. So everyone is now

CES 2011: Verizon smartphones & Android’s Honeycomb to headline the show

Verizon will be eager to impress at the CES in Las Vegas, which starts tomorrow and continues until the end of the weekend. But what does Verizon have

iPhone & iPad rivals putting the pressure on Apple at CES 2011?

The main attraction at CES 2011 is definitely the copious amounts of tablets that will be showcased from tomorrow through to the weekend. With Apple RSVP’ing a no

iPhone, iPad and Mac sales set to soar past expectations

Apple is so set to unveil another record-breaking quarterly report this month as the holiday period produced some very good looking sale figures. Apple retailers and stores have been

Will the iPad 2 make tablets more fashionable than the iPhone?

It is seemingly now common knowledge that the next generation iPad tablet PC, the iPad 2, will be released some time around April 2011. However we can only

ipad 2 rumours & news

With Christmas only a few days away, it seems more and more rumours are appearing in regard to Apple’s next generation iPad. According to the latest rumours circulating

Top 10 Gadgets for 2010

2010 has been one of the most exciting years in the technology world. We have experienced a completely new range of technology gadgets some have been ground breaking,

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