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Iphone5 Rumours and Features !

With the Apple iPhone 4 being so successful and selling over 14 million units globally, it wasn’t long before speculation and rumours regarding the next generation of the iPhone. Release date of this device has been rumored to be in 2011, with some sources saying as early as January and others late June.

According to rumours  the iPhone 5 will feature a much faster mobile Internet with better signal strengths. There is also the view that the iphone 5 will be much smaller and thinner than the current iphone 4. New features expected are wireless Sync with Apple very Popular iTunes, built in GPS, HD audio and a much stronger battery life.  One key problem of the iphone 4 was the out glass casing, which easily scratch. However, the new iphone 5 will feature a scratch proof and shockproof screen.  If the rumours above are true, Apple iphone 5 will surely be an amazing phone with a whole range of features to please Apple users. ‘’

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  1. Ali says:

    I dont think the key problem is the glass casing. I think the antenna problem was a bigger flaw. If they sort this flaw out then the 5 will be a hot seller too!


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