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Apple & Android overtake Blackberry

Apple has climbed over Research In Motion in the U.S. smartphone market in the third quarter of this year. To make things worse from Blackberry, Google’s Android OS has a strong lead in the US market for smartphones. Reasons for Apple’s iPhone to produce such a strong third quarter sales is that it was the first full shipment unlike Blackberry’s new Torch that only manager to ship the devices in the second half of the quarter. It is reported that Apple has shipped 11 million iPhone’s this year which is phenomenal.

A key advantage with Apple’s products is that they can all work as one due to iTunes. Apple computer, phone and computer tablet make the perfect set for any tech-head. This has helped Apple to its great success, even though it is only available on one carrier, AT&T.

Blackberry has come across many problems that can account for a drop in the market share. Research in Motion use to benefit when Blackberries were used as a secondary handset for business so most business men needed one to check emails etc… However smartphones allow for synchronization with personal smartphones and work email systems. This is hurting Research in Motion.

Trying to work two markets, consumer and business has left Research in Motion with a drop in market share, so what will they do to rectify this? 2011 is going to be very interesting.


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  1. stonee says:

    If I’m a leader of an company which needs an corporate phone, I’ll choose Blackberry for the same reason that I choose iPad rather than Galaxy Tab. iPhone 4 is relying on touchscreen only, but app developer like iFunia have to buy iPhone 4, do you know the reason? yeah, you know.


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