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Steve Jobs leaves Apple due to medical reasons

Apples CEO Steve Jobs has announced today that he will be taking a leave of absence from the company to pay attention to his health. This will be the second time that Steve Jobs has left Apple due to medical …

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Apple iPad 2 to feature an integrated SD card slot

The latest rumours surrounding  the Apple iPad 2  is that the next generation iPad will be equipped with an SD card slot.  According to  tech blog ‘

iPad 2 release date could be similar to Verizon iPhone’s

With the Verizon iPhone being announced this week and its release dates being set, the focus has now moved firmly onto the iPad 2. So everyone is now

ipad 2 rumours & news

With Christmas only a few days away, it seems more and more rumours are appearing in regard to Apple’s next generation iPad. According to the latest rumours circulating

Latest Apple iPad 2 News & Features

Apple ipad 2 expected to have record number of sales

According to the latest Apple iPad 2 news, Steve Jobs and his team at Apple are anticipating to sell over six million units a month when it is

Latest iPad 2 news & rumours

Apple iPad 2 to be released with 3D projection system

The bosses at Apple have successfully had their patent accepted for a glasses-free 3D projection system.  The 3D project system will work through auto- stereoscopic technology. This means

Latest Apple iPad 2 to test Blackberry resolve with same launch date

The Latest news circulating in the Tech world  is that the  iPad 2 will feature five  new characteristics. Firstly, the appearance of the new iPad 2 will alter

New Apple iPad 2 to challenge Blackberry PlayBook with same release date

Sources originating from China's Economic Daily News have stated that the new iPad will be released in April/ May of 2011, around the same time as the Blackberry

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