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Verizon iPhone release could damage AT&T

There has been much estimation to how many devices Verizon Wireless will sell in their first year. Estimation figures keep on growing as we near closer to the release date of the iPhone, the third of February, and the latest …

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iPhone and iPad to use NFC for retail purchases

It has been reported that Apple, the creators of the iPhone and iPad are to introduce a system in which the iPhone or iPad user could use the

Verizon iPhone advert heightens suspense

The first advert for the Verizon iPhone has played on the suspense factor for the device and it is also the first iPhone advert that doesn’t actually show

Apple’s App Store hits 10 billion downloads

Apple’s App Store has hit 10 billion downloads, a remarkable feat in a relatively small amount of time. The store has reached the 10 billion milestone in less

iPhone 5 Release Date & latest features

The iPhone 5 or fifth generation iPhone is likely to be released in the second quarter of 2011. This will give the iPhone 4 a full year life

Steve Jobs leaves Apple due to medical reasons

Apples CEO Steve Jobs has announced today that he will be taking a leave of absence from the company to pay attention to his health. This will be

Apple iPad 2 to feature an integrated SD card slot

The latest rumours surrounding  the Apple iPad 2  is that the next generation iPad will be equipped with an SD card slot.  According to  tech blog ‘

Motorola Xoom to rival Apple’s iPad

Motorola Xoom will be Motorola’s first attempt to break into the heavily congested computer tablet market. Motorola have been battling it out in the smartphone market in the

iPad 2 release date could be similar to Verizon iPhone’s

With the Verizon iPhone being announced this week and its release dates being set, the focus has now moved firmly onto the iPad 2. So everyone is now

Verizon iPhone release date has been announced

Finally after months and months of rumours, Apple and Verizon have announced at a Verizon conference today that Verizon Wireless will have the iPhone 4 next month. Not

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