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White iPhone to be scrapped by Apple Bosses

Apple iphone 4  fans were expecting the white iphone 4 to  be released  only a few weeks after the original iPhone 4. However,according to new rumours the  problems with software and casing have meant Apple will not be releasing it …

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Apple to have the highest number of Christmas sales ever in its history

According to ChangeWave network, Electronic giants Apple will be the dominant retailer during Christmas sales with mass sales of its electronic products. A recent survey of 2,812 American

Latest Apple White iphone 4 News !

The white iPhone 4 release date has still yet to be announced. Many Apple iphone fans were expecting the white iphone 4 to  be released  only a few

Nokia N8 vs Apple iphone 4

Mobile phone giants Nokia have released their newest mobile phone the N8. The new Nokia phone is creating a buzz within the mobile phone market and some believe

iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Rumours, Features and Release Dates

The latest noise within the gadget world is all centered on the latest generation iPhone and iPad. While the iPhone 4 has been released a few months ago,

Iphone5 Rumours and Features !

With the Apple iPhone 4 being so successful and selling over 14 million units globally, it wasn’t long before speculation and rumours regarding the next generation of the

New Apple iPad with new integrated SIM – card!

According to news reporters the Telegraph, the Apple iPhone will not be featuring an integrated SIM – card system. However, Apple will be announcing that the new iPad

RIM Release White and Red Blackberry Torch 9800

With the white iphone 4 release date  being delayed further and with the speculation that Apple have decided to cancel the production of the white iphone,  RIM have

White iphone 4 Release Date for Spring 2011

Apple has announced that the new white iphone 4 is to be delayed until spring 2011. There has been much speculation surrounding the release date of the white

RIM Release Date for Blackberry Storm 3

According to close sources, the bosses at RIM are going to be releasing the new blackberry storm 3 handset in late November and early December, just before Christmas. Blackberry’s

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