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Apple iPhone 5 and iPad 2 Release Date Info & Latest news

The next two products on the Apple production line are the iPhone 5 and the iPad 2. A buzzbiznews employee recently took a trip to China, and sources close to Apple’s factory have suggested that the iPad 2 will begin …

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iPhone 5 Release Date & latest features

The iPhone 5 or fifth generation iPhone is likely to be released in the second quarter of 2011. This will give the iPhone 4 a full year life

Verizon iPhone rumours to end – iPad 2 & iPhone 5 Release Date rumours to begin

After months and month of persistent rumours, the Verizon iPhone was finally announced this week. This will result in a Verizon iPhone release date in the coming months.

iPhone 5: Fact and Fiction

As it is coming to the end of yet another very busy year for the technology industry, we think it would be a fitting end to try and

Apple begin production for the iPhone 5

For the last few months many rumours have been flying around the internet in regard to the the iphone 5. With the iphone 4 nearly a year

iPhone 5 Release Date and Rumours

Rumours surrounding the iPhone 5 or iPhone 5G as it may also be known are circulating in technology circles. Now that the iPhone 4 has been successfully launched,

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