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Sony GDC Panel Info Hints At Open PlayStation Move Development On PCs

According to a Game Developers Conference 2011 session description, Sony possibly is working on a project of “Motion controller” that will be working on a PC and will have a full support. A panel at GDC ’11 hints strongly that …

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Windows Phone 7 sales hit 1.5 million

The Windows Phone 7, Microsoft’s platform has finally reached 1.5 million units being sold after what was a somewhat worrying and shaky start for the new

Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Kinect – Review & Prices

Microsoft’s new gaming phenomena, the Kinect is storming people’s homes at a rapid rate. The controller free simulation platform is proving to be a massive hit this Christmas

Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Review and Prices

The Xbox Kinect is now available to buy in time for Christmas. Microsoft’s new gaming revelation is set to re-shape the future of the gaming world. It manages

Microsoft’s Kinect welcomes hackers

Kinect is Microsoft’s new gaming accessory for the Xbox.  The main benefit of Xbox is that it allows for hands free controlling of the game. It can be

Windows Phone 7 launched today

The Window Phone 7 was released today in the United States and Canada. But will it be a hit in an over-crowded smartphone market. The phone will be

Microsoft faces severe smart phone losses

Microsoft is on track to launch the completely reengineered Windows Phone 7 platform later this year and seek to recapture some of the exploding smartphone market. However, in

Sony to launch upgraded PS 3 in July end

Electronics giant Sony said on Tuesday it will introduce an upgraded PlayStation 3 videogame console in Japan at the end of July, with a bigger memory and a

Google to launch its own Music time

Internet search engines pride themselves as being neutral providers of information. But as competition mounts to own the connection between fans and online content, tech behemoths like Microsoft

What can be the Actual Cause for HP’s Palm Acquisition?

Do you think that the decision made by HP (Hewlett-Packard), the best computer company in the world, for purchasing of Palm, which has specialization in mobile phones, was

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