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British Petroleum wants partners to bear the responsibility cost

BP has said repeatedly that it will pay for the disastrous oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. But its actions show that it does not intend to go it alone. Newly released documents show that on June 2, BP …

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Cleaning Up of Oil will Take Years – US Adm Thad Allen

The chief of the US coast guard has made a statement saying that the entire process of cleaning up the marshlands and habitats that have been affected by

BP Chief Adamant Not to Step Down

BP Chief said that he would not be stepping down from his job until returning Gulf coast to the position it was in prior to spilling the oil.

BP Apologizes for Oil Spill

There has been a positive twist to the story of the prevention of the great oil leak in the Gulf region on Thursday. BP has extended a carefully

The Failure of Oil Spill Top Kills Operation

The recent oil spill at the Gulf of Mexico has caused a critical incident of backfiring from the legislative authorities of the United States of America. Barrack Obama

Oil Spill Costs Touching 1 Billion Pounds

It is crystal clear that BP is desperately attempting to stem the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf which in turn would cost the oil giant around a

Chronology of the Oil Spill

The great oil spill, which occurred in the Gulf of Mexico on 20th of April, killed 11 workers and affected some thousands. It has been considered the most

The Uncertainty of the Oil Spill

The Dauphin Island’s southern tip has been busy receiving troops, not for vacation purpose, but for the massive oil spill, which took place a fortnight ago. It has

BP Claiming Success to Contain Oil Slick

In a new twist arising out of the oil slick case, the chief of BP today claimed that they are winning the race of containing the oil spill.

Testing Times for Jindal

For the Republican governor of Louisiana, it is a great time to show his managerial skills and thus position himself for a political stage when his state his

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