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Verizon iPhone advert heightens suspense

The first advert for the Verizon iPhone has played on the suspense factor for the device and it is also the first iPhone advert that doesn’t actually show an iPhone. The make-up of the advert is many different glimpses of …

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Motorola Xoom to rival Apple’s iPad

Motorola Xoom will be Motorola’s first attempt to break into the heavily congested computer tablet market. Motorola have been battling it out in the smartphone market in the

AT&T LTE 4G network available in 2011

AT&T’s LTE 4G network will become available in 2011 and many smartphones will be able to accommodate the high speed network. AT&T hopes that by 2013, nationwide deployment

Android vs. iPhone: whose year will it be?

Recent reports illustrate that iPhone is still leading the pack in the smartphone race, with Blackberry a close second and Android trailing shortly behind. However, 2011 could be

CES 2011: A Preview

The biggest technology trade show gets underway on Wednesday evening in Las Vegas and it will showcase some of the new gadgets that will be made available in

Verizon iPhone release date will not be announced at CES

Verizon to reveal HTC Thunderbolt at CES

The 2011 Consumer Electronics Show, CES, to be held in Las Vegas at the beginning of next year. It is one of the most exciting events on the

Verizon iPhone release date: Possibly February

It is almost Christmas and we are none the wiser to when the release date for the Verizon iPhone will be. The prediction is that Apple and Verizon

Motorola smartphone to be on Verizon 4G Network

Verizon Wireless has made an agreement with Motorola to start distributing a Motorola smartphone on Verizon’s brand new 4G network. The Motorola device will be the first phone

Verizon iPhone to be released in early 2011

After all the talk of a Verizon iPhone and white iPhones neither have hit the shelves for Christmas. The partnership between Apple and Verizon, which is

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