Best Traveling Guide to Spain for a First-Time Visitor

Tips and Advice for First-Time Travelers to Spain

There are so many fun things to see in Spain, which makes this dynamic country a favorite for many people. Seasoned travelers and backpackers often visit this Spanish speaking country, again and again, thanks to its inexpensive lifestyle and afternoon tapas with wine or a cold beer.

Fascinating sites, Spanish siestas, drinking delicious espressos, amazing locations, and eating as well as drinking to your heart’s content are also some of the fun activities that separate Spain from any other country. But what if you are a first-time traveler?

What do you need to know before traveling to this Spanish speaking nation, which places fit your budget and preference yet guarantee the most fun? Use this comprehensive travel guide for your first trip to Spain.

The Country Is Diverse

Most vacationists believe that Barcelona and Madrid are the only places worth touring in Spain. However, the Spanish nation has over ten vibrant cities, each with its own magnificent and unparalleled attraction sites.

The Spanish language also varies depending on the part of Spain you find yourself in. For instance, Spanish locals in Barcelona speak Catalan while the native language for those who are from Sebastian and Bilbao is Basque. So it’s always best to have a tool that can translate English to Spanish. If you’re planning to have long trips, then it’s ideal to know the most popular Spanish phrases commonly spoken in those particular regions.

The different Spanish languages, which include Basque, Galician, and Catalan, add to the rich diversity of the Spaniards. So you will never feel lonely even if you are a foreign visitor. Besides, Spanish locals are always happy to help you make your vacation enjoyable. So do not hesitate to ask for help.

Some of the top three magical cities that are worth visiting in Spain include:


It would be best if you had more than a few days to cover everything fascinating that Madrid is popular for. Some of the fun things that you can enjoy while in Madrid are:

  • A thriving nightlife
  • The captivating Spanish art scene
  • Eating calamari sandwiches
  • Visit the Egyptian temples
  • Take an evening walk around perfectly manicured gardens at Real Jardín Botánico or Sabatini Gardens.
  • Shop in the biggest Zara store.
  • Enjoy local Spanish cuisine at Sobrino de Botín, the oldest restaurant in the world.

Madrid is famous for its legendary nightlife, so after seeing the museums, you’re likely to dance the night away.


This second-largest city has a remarkable blend of history and culture with many fascinating things to appreciate. Don’t forget to carry your camera as each unique Spanish place is photogenic. Football enthusiasts should enjoy a live game in Camp Nou. Besides, there are so many different clubs and Spanish bars that play music until the early hours, making Barcelona the place to be for those who love to party.


Want to learn more about Roman architecture, then add a visit to Segovia to your schedule. This Spanish city is rich in history and boasts of having a unique collection of historical monuments. It has ties to Disney due to the Alcazar, popularly known as the Cinderella’s castle. The view at the top of this Spanish caste is worth your time and money. Remember, it is best to wear comfortable shoes because Segovia is a hilly area.

Right Time to Vacation

If you prefer fewer Spanish crowds and affordable accommodations, then spring and fall are the best times of the year to have a vacation in Spain. The suitable climate allows most vacationers to come to this Spanish country between July-August.

Each season has its perks, for instance, the sunny weather comes with energetic Spanish jubilees and relaxing at the warm Costa Brava beaches. Throughout summer, the rates for areas like Seville and Granada tend to be expensive.

Visitors that want to enjoy the Mediterranean coastal regions, which include Valencia, Malaga, and Barcelona, should plan their travels to coincide with the lovely weather between spring and early autumn. January until March and September to November are often considered the off-peak period, which is ideal for budget travelers.

Lively Spanish events tend to occur at the end of August in Buñol, which is a town in Valencia. La Tomatina festival is great for those that need to involve themselves in the cultural events of the local Spanish people.

For experiences related to eating, drinking, and Spanish dancing festivities, go to Seville to enjoy the Feria de Abril, which is a fun celebration that lasts for a whole week. Additionally, the Spanish Flamenco Festival, which is a two-week celebration filled with music, tends to occur in February. Several Spanish cultural festivals occur in March. This gives visitors a chance to partake in real-life Spanish traditions.

Best Ways to Stay Safe While in Spain

While the cities in Spain are safe, petty crimes are generally standard. Avoid looking lost, carrying the heavy language, and carrying expensive handbags as they can easily be snatched.

If you pack light, you’ll be more mobile and alert as you move from one tourist attraction to another. Another useful way to stay safe is to void attracting attention by dressing appropriately.

Busy cities tend to be modern, while rural areas are conservative. Spanish life is mostly about dressing appropriately. Dress like a tourist and pickpockets will know that you are a tourist, which puts you at a disadvantage.

Whenever you leave your hotel or accommodation, keep all your valuables in internal pockets and avoid opening the car window, especially when a Spanish stranger taps on it.

There is more to having fun than just visiting famous cities in Spain. Most areas, even remote villages, have something fascinating worth seeing. The trick to enjoying this Spanish-speaking country and making the holiday extra memorable is to plan the trip around your interests. Don’t be perplexed when you find most shops closed in the early afternoon as Spaniards take their fiestas very seriously. Either way, you’re bound to have an unforgettable experience while in Spain.